Name: Hanajima Megumi
Age: 13-16
Grade: Middle School, 2nd Year (not sure how they sort further the grades) (13) - High school 2nd year (16)
Birthday: March 4
Astrological Sign: Pisces

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[[ Warnings:

~Megumi is a character with very little 'screentime' which means many of the things you will see about him are personal headcanons, or made up. So please put up with this.

~You will probably see a lot of food and maybe gothic stuff around.
~Food is important for Megumi.
~In case you are interested to block or check some of my stuff, you can find them in my tag list.
~I am open for rps. I don't have many rules, except maybe that I won't rp smut , I get all flustered and stuff, uness it has been built up and I am familiar enough with the other mun, I am sorry. Fluff is fine though!]]

Megumi to mun: I can hear you... And I know your name...

Megumi says:
I am an easygoing person, as long as you don't touch anyone I care about. For example. If you touch my sister Saki, you shall be cursed... If you touch her friend Tohru, you shall be cursed... If you touch Uo-chan, you shall be cursed if you don't get beaten by her that is...

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I can only curse people...

Badass Tohru - Part 1

Ok, so the first one came to my mind, and then I just kept messing around ok? I believe it was mostly inspired from blondekid15's posts on Tohru and how she is a badass. I will probably make some more (even if I should be doing replies….)

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